The Zenith of
the City on 7 Hills


Get Ready for a Life at the Summit

One of the tallest structures in Europe will rise at the heart of Metropol Istanbul, setting new living standards and saluting this magnificent city with all its might.

A brand new cycle will start at its summit for those who expect to get the most out of life. The Metropol Tower will be a befitting monument to this ‘city of seven hills’, which strives to climb ever higher.


Nothing Feels Like Working from Home

Visualize the convenience of a place where your bedroom is steps away from your office desk. At Metropol Office you will find the comfort and peace of your home whilst being at work. With its highly functional design and brand new interpretation of the Office concept, Metropol Office will reinvent your ‘Life at work’.

Imagine waking up to yet another working day but the rush to suit up or the need to battle for a taxi under pouring rain is inexistent; instead, a relaxed breakfast, a crisp mind and a workday that can start in your regular outfit. At Metropol Office, you will find a relaxed and peaceful working environment within the confines of your very own home and the best part yet is you will instantly be back to your beloved living room at the end of your working day. With its highly functional design and brand new interpretation of the office concept, Metropol Office will reinvent ‘Life at work’.

As you wish

Metropol Office is designed with the functionality to be used either as a home, an office or a office. Regardless of how you choose to utilize your quarters, you will feel the distinction and advantages of being situated right at the heart of the financial center. Metropol Office will present you a distinguished lifestyle, one that is highly prestigious and full of privileges.


The Lifestyle You Dreamt Of...

At Metropol Residence we have redefined the day-to-day living, creating a place where every function and amenity you desire is right around the corner. We invite you to a new way of life, one almost beyond your dreams. From now on, you will not have to venture far from your adobe as your home will be in one of the liveliest quarters of the city. Your new home will be in the heart of life.

A new trend is worthy of a Catwalk...

How would it sound if we were to say that Istanbul’s longest retail street and one of its liveliest recreational areas were all within an elevator ride away?

The Most Luxurious Residence Experience...

In what will be the largest cinema complex on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, coupled with elegantly designed social and recreational areas, a ballroom and much more, Metropol Residence, will create a space where your wishes come to life. These are not to be the only features to separate Metropol Istanbul from the rest; this is to be a place where ‘you will find life anew’.


There are sparkles of life in every new step you take at Metropol Catwalk…

Everything here is geared for living; fashion, retail, recreation, sports, and cinemas, just name it, and you will find it at your door step... This is Istanbul’s new ‘go-to’ destination, a place that everyone will desire to be at. Each step through the Metropol Catwalk will bring you new endeavours of life.

Istanbul is here...

The new face of the city…

You will want to be here to live Istanbul as it is meant to be lived. Everything you can ask for awaits you at Metropol Catwalk, with life itself taking centre stage and following you with every step.

This is Metropol Catwalk; the new face of life in Istanbul.


Paris, Milan, London, New York… These are the world’s most exclusive fashion capitals and the most distinguished addresses of luxury shopping. With Metropol Istanbul, the world will be introduced to a new concept of lifestyle vastly becoming the new center of attention, bringing together some of the world’s most renowned high-end brands to one place. Come and experience the unique privilege of shopping in Turkey’s most prestigious recreational centers.


Take a holistic approach towards art...

The largest movie theatre of the Anatolian side is about to be launched at Metropol Istanbul, where its doors are awaiting to welcome you to the wonderful world of motion pictures. Every film you watch in Metropol Cinema will be an unforgettable experience as a result of its wide, high quality screens. At times you will laugh others you might feel the blues and maybe sometimes you will shiver from fear, yet that is because in Metropol Cinema, you will experience the magic of the cinematography world in different dimensions.

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